LVH Humanist of the Year

Beginning in 2012, Lehigh Valley Humanists will name one person as the Lehigh Valley Humanist of the Year. This award will be named in honor of the late Joseph P. Fox, Jr., co-founder and first President of LVH.  Joe exemplified the humanist values of reason, compassion, and humanity. The Lehigh Valley Humanist of the Year should be someone who shares Joe’s passion for building a humanist community in the Lehigh Valley. This award will be presented annually at an LVH event each December.


  • Nominations will begin in early Fall at a time designated by the Board.
  • Any LVH member in good standing (membership dues current) may nominate someone.
  • Nominees must be LVH members in good standing.
  • The LVH Vice President will collect nominations and present valid nominations to the Board.


  • The LVH board will vote at the Board Meeting prior to the presentation date.
  • The Board will vote by anonymous written ballot. Each director gets one vote. If a nominee fails to get 50% of the votes, the Board will conduct a second vote, considering only the top two nominees from the previous round.
  • Any votes ending in a tie will be decided by the LVH President.

Selection Criteria:

  • Embodies the values and concepts outlined in the American Humanist Association’s Humanist Manifesto III and the Council for Secular Humanism’s Affirmations of Humanism.
  • Made great contributions to LVH during the current calendar year.
  • Contributions to LVH made prior to the current year may also be considered.

2015 Humanist of the Year

Congratulations to Butch Frei, recipient of the The Joseph P. Fox, Jr. 2015 Humanist of the Year Award!

Butch has been involved with the Lehigh Valley Humanists for many years, and has been serving on the board of directors for the last 3 years.  He is always willing to do whatever needs to be done: even if it is something that is out of his area.  Butch began doing a lot of secretarial things such as monthly postings on community calendars and newspapers.  Two years ago, he took over our community service projects, which have really grown!  Working with PennDOT, he successfully got our highway cleanup under way, and holds regular work days.  Under his leadership, we have adopted an apartment at the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown.  Each apartment “flip” is organized by Butch, where he lines up volunteers, supplies and donations to prepare the apartment for the next family.  He posts our events to Foundation Beyond Belief, and they have named us the Chapter of the Month for December 2015.  This only touches on what Butch has contributed to our group, and he really does exemplify the humanist vision.  Thank you, Butch!

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