Lunch Discussion Group
Event Details
  • Date: October 09, 2016
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Location: Pies on Pizzeria
  • Address: 601 Front Street
    Catasaqua, PA

Women’s Issues and Humanist Values: Part II

During our first discussion on July 10th, we discussed intersectionality, the role of feminism in Secular Humanism, and whole lot about contraception and abortion. This time, we plan to turn our attention to men and traditional gender roles, sex work, and the issue of misogyny within our own ranks.

Join event host Kate Wilgruber as we examine these items through a secular lens and discuss the relationship between feminist thought and humanist values.

As usual, you’ll be able to order anything from the menu and pay on your way out using cash or credit, or for $5 cash plus tip (paid to Kate), you can be part of a shared pizza/salad option.

To familiarize yourself with topics we plan to touch on, see:

• 10 Reasons Decriminalizing Sex Work Is A Feminist Issue

• Why Feminism is Good for Men (video)

• On misogyny within the secular movement
Links from Part 1…

• The Feminist Humanist Alliance issues page

• A primer on modern, Third Wave, feminism

• Facts about the wage gap

• Reproductive health, rights, and justice

• Violence against women in the United States

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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